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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh, Spring how I love you.

So, I have a lot to write about!
But, first I will begin with something that I forgot to tell you about in my last post!
The scariest thing happened to us while we were on our way to the Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe concert! It wasn't really raining at home so we were unprepared for the storm that hit us on the way to the concert. I mean, we couldn't see anything! It was pouring. And of course, I got kind of scared because we were on the highway. And since my car desperately needs new tires, it doesn't do so well in the rain. Let me tell you, we hydroplaned about 3 times! Soo scary! So, I prayed that the storm would pass and we sould make it there safely. And then, shortly after, we saw this:

So awesome! It was like God just opened up the sky for us.

This week has been pretty interesting. It has definitely been a huge test for me. I have been struggling with some things lately. It's mostly silly stuff that I shouldn't even worry about though. But, mostly its my attitude. I haven't been very proud of my attitude lately and I am really trying to change it! No, scratch that. I AM going to change it. But, also lately a lot of great things have been happening! For example, spring is finally here! It was 82 degrees today! I loved it! And church softball started back up which means summer is right around the corner! And even though I have been really hard on myself lately, I am so excited for all of the great things God has planned for me! And even right now, I am learning to find happiness even when it seems like everything is just going wrong. I'll admit, its a work in progress...

Here's a few pictures from my week:

Took this at my church's softball game Monday:

Even though these trees are really stinky, they sure are pretty!

 The sunset was beautiful the other night!

Something I've learned lately: "How others see you is not important, how you see yourself means everything."

Hope everyone is having a great week!
XoXo - Leah

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