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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adventures and Lessons

Hello everyone! 
I've been in Tennessee the past couple of days and was too tired to post the pictures from yesterday so today I am going to tell you about my trip. Oh, the many adventures we have been on this week. Where do I even begin? 

Yesterday, we went to the aquarium. I love animals so I loved going to the aquarium. Here are some of the pictures from the aquarium: 

And later that night we went to my favorite place to eat in Gatlinburg, the Apple Barn. Mmm... Oh, and I wore a really pretty maxi dress that I got for cheap at T.J. Maxx! 

Oh and here was my outfit of the day! I wore my new glitter sandals from target and a white flowy top from Kohl's:

Today we went up in the mountains. And when I say up, I mean WAY up in the mountains! It was soo cool! It got up to about 72 degrees outside today and I actually got to break out my new shorts! Score! 

We were REALLY high up!

I got to stand in two states at once! Which reminded me of  the movie A Walk To Remember so I loved it! We ended up walking over to this trail and I was standing at the bottom looking up thinking "wow, that's really steep." And I did my fair share of complaining about not wanting to walk up that steep trail, but we did it. Unfortunately, it was right around lunch time and when my blood sugar starts to get low (I'm hypoglycemic), I tend to get kind of grumpy. So, when we were walking up the trail, I really wasn't feeling too great. But, what's funny is that on our way up, we stopped to take a break and these people looked over at us and said "not too much further, you've got this!" Which, made me feel a little better on the way up. When we finally got all the way to the top, I was still very grumpy. And almost as soon as I got mad I overheard some guys standing at the top of the mountains going "wow, God is great!" "God is good!" Hmm... It's funny sometimes looking back I see small things that God does to tell me to change my attitude or to look at a situation differently. I mean, isn't life like that sometimes? You stand there looking at a situation and you think, there is no way I can do this. Or there is no way I can get through this. And then God tells you that you can. And even if you resist it, God sends you messages along the way saying "you CAN do this." Sometimes we just have to push ourselves to achieve things we never thought we could. 

"You are where God wants you to be at this very moment. Every experience is a part of His divine plan."

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