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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

About Me

Hey there!

Yesterday was April fools day! But, I am glad nobody played any pranks on me! 
But, I decided that I would tell you some things about myself since I am just starting out with blogging! 

1. I am a little bit of a nerd. I LOVE to read. (But, I also have a hard time finishing a lot of books...woops). Right now I am currently reading two books: 

The Happiness Project is the first one and I'm not very far into it yet so I will tell you more about it later 
 The second one is The Great Gatsby, which I am actually reading for school (I'm sure most of you already know what that one is). 

2. I am a worrier! I worry about EVERYTHING! Oh, and I apologize for everything! It's so bad but I promise I am trying to work on it and I am making progress believe it or not! 

3. I love horses. I have always had a passion for horses and even though I haven't been riding for awhile I still love it.

4. I am a not-so-proffesional photographer! Haha! You're probably wondering what I mean by that. I love love love taking pictures but I am not the best at it! It's a work in progress! Here are some of my pictures that I've taken practicing for my future hobby: 

5. I am a very awkward person. I giggle at all the wrong times, I trip over random things, I can be very quiet at times... Oh boy haha.

6. I love spontaneous adventures. The best memories I have are the times that are completely random and spontaneous. I love to have fun!

7. I looove to sing! Even though yes, I am very shy about it. I sing ALL the time! I'm not that great either! Haha that's okay though.

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