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Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer is on its way!

Hey it's me again!

As you should already know, I have a ton on my mind because of the snow day today! When I'm just sitting around with nothing to do, I start thinking of all kinds of ideas and adventures I could go on/do. And so I decided to make a summer bucket list. (In no specific order)

1. To go star gazing. Kind of cheesy, I know. But, I'd love to go sit on a beach and star gaze.

2. To go somewhere new. I want to engage myself in a new adventure and go some place new!

3. Have a picnic. Like the old-fashioned take a blanket to a park and eat sandwiches kind of picnic.

4. To take pictures every chance I get! This one is really important to me because I love photography and that's a new hobby I'd love to pick up on.

5. To have an all-nighter. Even if I'm just reading or watching netflix, I'd love to have just one night where I stay up all night long.

6. To spend a day on a pool float reading.

I will keep updating this and as summer arrives I will cross items off my list.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic Monday!

XoXo- Leah

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