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Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's holding you back?

So, update! I just finished Traveling Light today!! Finally, I know. 
I was so sad to finish such a great book though. But, I feel that I should update you on what's going on with life right now. 
First off, I am doing a devotional called 31 Days With Jesus. I am currently on day 10 and it is definitely teaching me a lot. Not only am I reading a lot of scripture that I have never read thoroughly before, I am also learning about ways to improve myself and my relationship with God. I highly recommend trying a devotional like this one! It's definitely life changing. 
*Cue awkward transition*
Second of all, I just mentioned that I finally finished Traveling Light by Max Lucado!! Such a good book. It has opened my eyes to things that I have never really thought about before. 
Why are we carrying so much luggage in life? No, I'm not talking about the luggage you take on vacations with you (if you're anything like me...that's a lot!) I'm talking burdens that you are carrying that God never intended on you having. Max Lucado did such a great job describing these different burdens that we carry. We carry burdens of fear, guilt, disappointment, discontent, worry, hopelessness, etc. We carry all these burdens that they actually start to feel like actual luggage. Although it's hard to overcome this, we need to set this luggage down. God is telling us to release these burdens that we were never intended to bear. So what's holding you back?

This is exactly how I am feeling after reading Lucado's book. I am so amazed at what God is opening my eyes to and the doors He is opening in my life.

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